Off Road In Greece

     OFF ROAD AdVENTURES turns your trip to a pleasant unforgettable adventure leaving nothing to chance. 

  • more than 7000 satisfied customers.
  • more than 200 off road tracks for all difficulty levels
  • safety based on latest international standards
  • preselected quality hotels and guest houses


OFF ROAD AdVENTURES escorts you with safety through uncharted tracks. Getaway trips filled with adventure but also with relaxation for those who hate routine boring holidays in packed touristic resorts.
For the past 20 years we are the sole Greek company that plans, organizes and executes off road activities suitable for families in uncharted tracks around the year.
We execute self driving and sightseeing excursion of any difficulty level in Greece and abroad for 4×4 owners.
You can also participate as a crew member in one of our fully equipped 4×4 units.
Designed for those that holidays have to combine adventure and recreation through the contact with nature.
From a simple family sightseeing trip to an extreme adventure for the “adrenaline junkies” we can offer all.
Our excursions are planned as staged training tours that will bring you closer to nature and adapt you to off road driving. This is obtained through a pleasant and mostly enjoying procedure.
In our philosophy an excursion is successful when we all return safe with our vehicles intact and with our memory filled with scenes only nature can offer.
We escort you with safety making sure each excursion is a pleasant break from everyday reality and leaves nature unharmed from our presence.
You can choose from our programs excursions that suites your need for adventure, sightseeing, relaxation of any difficulty level in Greece and abroad or plan together your tailor made off road holiday.
Discover the most beautiful off road tracks.
Loose the sense of time in virgin forests, hidden lakes, waterfalls, lost tracks and deserted villages.
See Greece’s most well hidden treasures.

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